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Writer's Wanderings: World Cruise - Pitcairn Island

Karen Robbins, known as the Wandering Writer, journals her travel adventures, gives travel tips, and suggests books for the road.

Pitcairn Island

Remote Pitcairn, full of history and tragedy. Still offering philatelists some wonderful stamps, and beautiful scenes like this.

Una isla paradisiaca se queda sin habitantes y tú podrías salvarla ¡Vive en ella!

Here is one of the few dirt paths on Pitcairn Island. Residents use these paths when riding on their motor bikes. Photo by Tony Probst.

The Island Far Away: Exploring Britain's Pitcairn Island.

On the anniversary of the famous Bounty mutineers' landing, Jad Davenport documents the remote beauty of Pitcairn Island, their legendary South

Travel to Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn Islands - one of the world's least populated colonies (possession of the United Kingdom). Weather varies only 9 degrees from summer to winter. So unique and so beautiful!