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A pedido del público, regresan los súper famosos stickers de Disney TsumTsum, ¡su animación es única! Llena tus chats de caritas redondas de los Tsums.

Super popular Disney TsumTsum stickers are back by popular demand and animated like you've never seen them before! Let the Tsums' round faces take over your chats with cuteness.

Caminan apoyándose en sus dedos, sus patas traseras son más largas y en las delanteras presentan un quinto dedo vestigial. Sus garras desafiladas y no retráctiles les permiten mayor estabilidad en superficies resbaladizas, también cuentan con vasos sanguíneos especiales que evitan el enfriamiento de las almohadillas en sus patas.

((Closed)) Lyon did a very good job of avoiding Damien and his tyrannical deeds. It haunted him how the alpha could stand his abusive nature to the poor omega. As the small brown wolf continues his trail, he stops, having caught the scent of (y/c).


Hreppir--Seppo's mount, young and happy-go-lucky, Wolf of Skadi, sacrifices his life for Freya

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Most dogs just call him Polas. He likes to sit on the Mountain Of Doom and watch the sun set in the evening. He is 7 years old and now lives here at the Mountain Of Doom.

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