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a bulletin board with superheros on it and the words welcome to your superhero class
Creating the Perfect Superhero Classroom
Creating the Perfect Superhero Classroom. A new popular classroom theme is superheroes! It’s such a fun and adorable theme, plus gives students a powerful idea of becoming strong and brave, just like the superheroes surrounding them. Check out my favorite superhero themed classroom decor ideas, as well as superhero themed organizational tools, and classroom bundles.
a door decorated with paper cutouts and magnets in the shape of superheros
Puerta de aula.
Puerta del salón de clases, súper héroes.
four tags with cartoon characters on them are hanging from a red ribbon against a green wall
Medallas para super héroes motivamos a nuestros peques -Orientacion Andujar
a bulletin board is decorated with superheros and wonder woman symbols, including the flag
Super hero theme classroom
an image of children's book covers with superheros and stars in the background
the words los guadalajaras are in front of an image of people flying around the earth
Leyendo leyendo, disfruto y aprendo
a blue poster with comic characters on it's sides and the words como seu un hero
an image of a birthday poster with comic speech bubbles and the words superhero birthdays
a door decorated with superheros and the words super hero in action on blue paper
Decoración escuela
the bulletin board is decorated with cartoon characters
Kit sala de aula super heróis