Colorful La Boca, #Buenos Aires, #Argentina @Leticia de Abreu Virguez

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Colorful La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Where the Tango was born. Took Tango lessons and loved the food.

Cafe Tortoni - Buenos Aires. Historically one of the first cafes in the city. Missing those late Cappuccinos!

CAFÉ TORTONI-Buenos Aires-Historically one of the first cafes in the city.

Visit the Pink House (La Casa Rosada) in Buenos Aires. Stay for the street performances & market stalls (check out the mate sets) in the square.

The Pink House (La Casa Rosada) in Buenos Aires. OK, I also saw Evita and liked it a lot.

Palermo Soho, mi buenos aires querido. Tambien a

Palermo Soho (The cherry blossom girl)

Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, one of my favourite places to stay in Buenos Aires

Cañones con dulce de leche, mmm¡¡¡ quiero ahora¡¡¡

10 panes latinos que amamos con locura y pasión

Cañones con dulce de leche is a pastry. It is kind of like a puff pastry but both of the ends are cut open. There is a filling on the inside and powdered sugar on the top.

anarcho pax --where can I get this bag? this is a awesome travel bag

Choripan - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Choripan -(chorizo + bread), are a popular fast food in the streets of Buenos Aires normally they are in scattered around the city in stalls, yum yum

A Little Bite of Buenos Aires. Recommendations for restaurants, cafes and markets in Argentina's capital.

Buenos Aires Restaurant and Food Recommendations

From traditional parrillas (steak restaurants) to Armenian restaurants, we share our favorite places to eat out in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

yerba mate from Buenos Aires

The World's Best Cities for Coffee- and Tea-Lovers

OMG....... medialunas!!!! Argentinian croisants..... what can be better to go with your coffee.............. | Si son de grasa, mejor!

what can be better to go with your hot chocolate or to make more traditional with some mate will be perfect!