Get two vases: one a little thinner than the other, and both about the same height. Set the smaller one inside. Line w/ candy, flowers in center. Can work for any holiday/event depending on candy used!

Could fish swim between 2 vases? Take two different size vases and sprinkle candy hearts between them and voilà: the perfect centerpiece for your Valentine's Day party decor! (You can by cheap vases from the dollar store.

Fishbowl Lantern Tutorial

Fishbowl Lantern DIY Tutorial ~ This same technique can be used on ceramic planters. Looks like a fun outside craft

Dollar store plates and cups turned into a cupcake stand.

25 Great DIY Home Crafts Tutorials

DIY cake stands: find plates, glasses & candlesticks in thrift stores to make great dessert stands.

DIY Wineglass Centerpiece

Christmas Centerpiece: This table decoration is becoming a hit for every holiday season. Simply flip a wine glass over and place a candle on top. Underneath you can place Christmas ornaments or any other holiday trinkets.

DIY Glitter Vases - Recycle jars or purchase nice glass open mouth vases or glassware to make a glittery centerpiece.

Glitter Vase DIY for vases to use wet and dry. ~ Mary Wald's Place - DIY glitter vases from The Sweetest Occasion