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Slow Stitch Sophie's Embroideries Resembling Landscapes of Wildflowers

The purple lady is finished. I wish I had longer hair to put in a bun. I guess that's why I stitch them!


Tiny Embroidery Stitches Small Blooms Into Spontaneous Arrangements

Adorable way to personalize any item. Use tiny stitches to create awesome patterns. Tiny embroidery by Happy Cactus // hoop art // floral embroidery

Top de lino bordado fiebre de primavera por TessaPerlowInc en Etsy

Handmade linen tank top Size with top stitching detail, French darts, and neckline facing (unlined) Zipper closure down center back Hand embroidered with flowers

Embroidery by Marable Lake // hoop art // cactus embroidery

Embroidery by Marable Lake // hoop art //flowers cactus embroidery

Chita bordada

Chita bordada These are absolutely gorgeous! Great inspiration to make ipad and laptop covers, a book cover for my bujo, or even some stunning zippered pouches.