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a woman standing in front of a colorful painting
iWoman Awards Adry del Rocio
an artistic painting of a woman's face and head with many objects on it
Adry del Rocio, 3D streetpainting, 3D & 2 D streetart, Anamorphic, Urban Art, Murals, Madonnara
#mural #adrydelrocio "Teotihuacana" 2017 by adrydelrocio #rhinesidegallery #Krefel
some people are standing on the side of the road and looking at an art piece
Via Colori Houston. Work by CarlosAlberto_GH, Ruben Poncia & Adry del Rocío #streetart #3D
a group of people standing next to each other in front of paintings on the ground
#LeonoraCarrington by #adrydelrocio #streetart #streetartmx #mexico #chalk #Gises #chalkart #pastel
"Traditions" #3D #adrydelrocio #mexico #chalk #Gises Street Art Graffiti, Murals Street Art, 3d Street Art, Arte Mexicano
"Traditions" #3D #adrydelrocio #mexico #chalk #Gises
two people standing on top of an upside down sign in the middle of a street
3D by Adry del Rocío & Luigi Legno. Austria
a woman standing next to a drawing of a man with a crown on his head
"Leonora fue creada por sus personajes" homenaje a #LeonoraCarrington por #adrydelrocio #streetart #streetartmx #mexico #chalk #Gises #chalkart
an image of two elephants on the street with people standing around and looking at it
Sarasota Chalk Festival 2012
a street scene with people standing on the sidewalk and an elephant drawn on the ground
Street art by Adry del Rocío. Helper Carlos Alberto. Sarasota Chalk Art Festival
an octopus drawn on the ground with people standing around
Chalk festival. Street art. Colores de Jalisco by Adry del Rocío y Carlos Alberto
people are standing in front of a large mural on the ground with many different colors and shapes
Chalk for peace. Streetart by Adry del Rocío. Colores de Jalisco Festival
a woman sitting on the ground next to a drawing of a woman's face
Street art. Chalks. Adry del Rocío
two people sitting on the ground with their hands up
3D Street Art. chalk art work by Adry del Rocío and Carlos Alberto García.