¡Guau!, vestido espectacular con un trozo de tela rectangular y remates en forma de asa de cubo...

chic-summer-sand-surfer-cover-up, okay I am going to add straps to a beach blanket. That would be cool for the beach.



Modificaciones a los moldes de pantalones.

Knock-knee alteration: If your legs come together at the knee and then curve back out, then you need a longer inseam only. By making a downward slash and using the side seam as a hinge, you keep the side seam the same length while extending the inseam.

Blusas. Moldes

ХэндМейд и рукоделки

Patternless Garment Drafting, Sewing: Hoodie draft #hooded_sweatshirt

site: how to makes your own pattern (hoodies) d. Around the holidays have a contest for customers to design a jacket and if the design is most voted for by the general public the jacket will be put in stores. - Fashion up Trend