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Crochet Christmas - How to #Crochet für absolute #Beginners

Crochet: Punto Piña # 3 - Crochet Jars

Crochet Christmas - How to #Crochet für absolute #Beginners

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Filtro dos Sonhos Ceremony

Personalized mermaid dreamcatcher with shells, starfish and a freshwater pearl.  -------Product information------- Lovely addition to any room this dream catcher is made with 20cm base hoop, (you can choose another diameter from the options below - 20cm, 25cm or 30cm) wrapped in blue satin ribbon, and web made from white silk thread (colour can be changed on request - eg, blue, purple etc).  Made with blue, grey, green and purple ribbons, tulle and feathers in random order. Since this item…

Mermaid dream catcher with a name Personalized mermaid decor | Etsy

A whimsical dream catcher, inspired by the fairytales of mermaids in the deep sea waters. This stunning piece of art will make any little girl dream of adventures! Made with freshwater pearl and different shells it brings you close to the ocean and reminds you of summer even in the coldest of days. Place it near your little girls bed and be sure that nightmares will stay far far away! You can make it extra special by adding her name! Perfect for any special occasion such as ★ Mermaid…

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Dice la historia (una de ellas), que los atrapasueños tienen el poder de filtrar los sueños, dejando pasar los positivos y reteniendo en su trama los negativos, que se escapan con las primeras luce…