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a poster with the words be part of the future in green and black on it
Fintoil - A Drop of Future
Fintoil - A Drop of Future on Behance
an abstract blue and white painting with wavy lines
more blue for ya
the words kaka shek written in blue ink
Mrtranscendence: I will do modern line art text or badge logo design for $25 on
Other People Art
the logo for wave waves is shown in three different colors and font styles, including blue
the h & k logo is shown in white on a dark blue background with wavy waves
Logo and Identity - Humankind Swim
This submark logo for Humankind, a gender inclusive swimwear and apparel brand, took a minimalist brand approach. We brought a wave like movement to the logo mark symbols and created a brand design pattern evocative of an aerial view of water. Curious to see more of our brand work for Humankind Swim? See more from this brand design by clicking the pin.