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a pomegranate with the word persephone on it
"Persephone" Canvas Print for Sale by Angele Gougeon
a circular wheel with the words agua caucaca written in different languages on it
two diagrams showing different types of the genetic code and their corresponding names on each side
Codon Charts - Codon Table Sheets - Genomenon
a circle with letters and numbers in the middle, surrounded by words that spell out their names
9 - Pourquoi l'Ortie est-elle si nutritive ?
a circle with words and numbers on it
Comment les cellules lisent-elles les gènes ?
an image of a circle with words in the center that spell out acuaca
a circle with the names of zodiacs and their corresponding numbers in each section, as well as some other words
Codon Chart
an image of the periodic table with all the elements labeled in each column and their names
Genetic Code Chart (PDF)
four different types of caffeine are shown in the diagram above, and below
three diagrams showing the different types of vitamins and their corresponding names, with one labeled in