Ada Susana Vegetti

Ada Susana Vegetti

He decidido festejar la vida mas cumple, veo que el Ärbol está añejo!! Debo decorarlo como en Navidad
Ada Susana Vegetti
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Hand built platter. They demonstrate a really slick way to put a foot on a hand built platter.

Richard Pierce--Serving Plate - wow, I never thought to make a foot ring with a template like that. The glazing is awesome, too!

supercyclers: ett la benn

Kami pots and lights at the exhibition Poetry Happens Ventura Lambrate, Milan in April 2011 It& time to take a closer look at the works.

Glue resist spider web. Could get similar effect (and would be simpler with less mess) using a white crayon instead of liquid mask. For watercolor background, coat page with light coat of water, then saturate brush & drip around paper (repeat with 1-2 other colors), then swirl around w/ wet brush. Add spider at end after dry with black paint and draw legs w/ Sharpie.

Maybe for Charlote's Web (?) Water color crayon resist artwork, an Original watercolour painting by Kirsten Bailey, but could be adapted for a children's art activity. Great for a fall wall hanging or spider picture for the fridge!