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Praying cowboy

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Yardbirds: Baby Nuts the Dog Sniffing

Handcrafted in Kentucky, this adorable Baby Nuts the Dog Sniffing is made using scrap and reject metal, and features colored glass marble eyes. These quintessentially cute critters make the ultimate gift for the animal lover in your life. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 6.5"w x4.5"h x 3"d Note: Crafted from unfinished ste

scrap metal sculptures Metail Sculptures : Sculpture is the branch of the visual arts that operates in three dimensions. Durable sculptural processes originally used carving and modelling (the addition of material, as clay Welding Art Projects, Metal Art Projects, Metal Crafts, Diy Projects, Metal Sculpture Artists, Steel Sculpture, Sculpture Ideas, Art Sculptures, Metal Tree Wall Art

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Hand Crafted Recycled Metal Giraffe Art Sculpture Figurine 2019 Hand Crafted Metal Reciclado Estatueta Escultura Arte Girafa The post Hand Crafted Recycled Metal Giraffe Art Sculpture Figurine 2019 appeared first on Metal Diy.

Chain & Bolt Giraffe

Dog sculpture made out of a large nut. What a fun and whimsical sculpture. Would make a great gift for any dog lover. A great piece for the office Metal Sculpture Artists, Dog Sculpture, Steel Sculpture, Art Sculptures, Sculpture Ideas, Abstract Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Welding Art Projects, Metal Projects

Nut Dog Sculpture

A unique dog sculpture crafted have a large nut. Made from recycled parts this dog sculpture is an eye-catching piece. Sure to bring a smile to all those dog lovers out there. Each of these sculptures is handcrafted and will vary slightly from piece to piece. Each of these wonderful metal sculptures are hand made and will vary slightly from sculpture to sculpture. They come naturally unfinished and will rust with age. If left outdoors rusting will occur much faster and the sculpture will…

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Болты, гайки и другие железяки шутят

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Regalo de trompetista / Regalo de profesor de trompeta / | Etsy

Regalo de trompetista / Regalo de profesor de trompeta / Regalo cornetista / Regalo de trompetista / Regalos de trompeta / Regalo de jugador de trombón Mis productos se elaboran con cuidado. La calidad es lo más importante, así que quería crear estos coleccionables tan detallados como pude. Encaja

Drummer MetalDiorama Metal Art Sculpture by MetalDioramaWoodArt

Drummer gift/ Drummer decor /Percussionist gift / Drum art / | Etsy

Drummer / Drummer decor /Percussionist gift / Drum art / Percussion art / Drummer gift / Drumming gift / Drum player gift Drummer- Drums percussion -Steel drum art-Metal sculpture steel Bongos art of recycling recycled Metal sculpture scrap metals My products are crafted with care. Quality is the

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Ernie the Junkyard Dog

Ernie would make a great watch dog. He also would beat you in a staring contest! 19" x 13" x 17"This item is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery. Metal junkyard animals naturally rust with age. If kept indoors, treat them with a clear acrylic enamel spray, like Krylon® or Rustoleum®.

Little COWBOY Big GUN-Metal Figurine-Metal Cowboy-Welded Art-Revolver-Cowboy Sculpture-Cowboy Bottle Opener-Metal Bottle Opener by MetalDisorder on Etsy

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This unique cowboy is welded from thick scrap metal parts including: piece of steel toe boot, railroad spike, steel plate, chain link, engine hex nuts, and pipe. He has a big cowboy hat, huge six gun, has bowlegs, and can also be used as a BOTTLE OPENER! ( as seen in picture ). This cowboy is intended to be a stand alone piece of art, but I like multipurpose things, so I made it a bottle opener also. I finished this piece with clear enamel to resist rust, and give a shine to the natural…