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a blue cake with an image of a sonic the hedgehog on it's face
Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Day
A realy fun birthday cake for any Sonic the Hedgehog fan. A Sonic fac cake with hedgehog spikes and god rings.
a blue cake with an angry face on it
a batman themed birthday cake with the number 4 on it's side and an image of person sitting on top
Batman cake
sonic the hedgehog face on a blue t - shirt with black eyes and ears
a chocolate cake decorated with snowflakes and christmas trees on a wooden table next to ornaments
Winter Cake Ideas Must Try This​ Winter​ Season : Chocolate Winter Wonderland Cake
a christmas cake decorated with holly leaves and red berries is displayed on an iphone screen
a woman wearing a hijab holding a drink and pointing at her finger to her nose
Cheers! by ayusufaah on DeviantArt