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Discussed throughout World renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell's lifetime and utilized in famed Carl June's works, a study of the classic and evolving archetypes we all exemplify

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The Twelve Core Archetypes


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The Twelve Core Archetypes


BRAND ARCHETYPES: Are you a: Hero, Sage, Lover, Rebel, Ruler, Creator, Caregiver, Innocent, Jester, or Alchemist? Archetypal Branding solves one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and businesses face: Knowing exactly who your ideal clients and customers are. Understanding how to attract them to your business in an authentic way that fully engages them with your business + builds a community

this has been my design/life goals since Japan. wabi-sabi [Japanese 侘寂] ~ (n.) a concept, an aesthetic, and a worldview that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the cycle of growth and decay. Unusual Words, Unique Words, Cool Words, The Words, Pretty Words, Beautiful Words, Beautiful Pictures, Collateral Beauty, Aesthetic Words
Unusual WordsUnique WordsCool WordsThe WordsBeautiful Pictures

Country Crush- Japan

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Tarot Cards - The Meaning of each Tarot Card - The symbolic language of the tarot gives access to the soul world. Your individual reaction to a mo -

Tarot Guide - The Meaning of Tarot Cards

The Ultimate Tarot Guide, get to know the Tarot Cards, their meaning and how they are used in Tarot readings and predicting the future.

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Witchcraft Spell BooksWitch Spell BookGreen WitchcraftWiccan Witch

Runes and Rune Stones Cheat Sheet, Printable Grimoire Pages

This set of printable grimoire pages contains all the basics of the Elder Futhark runes, or the traditional runes used by many practicing witches. These pages are perfect for referencing when you're just learning to read rune stones or when you need to brush up on their meanings. Add these pages to your grimoire, book of shadows, witchy planner, or hang them up! What's Included: - 2 pages of 24 runes (visual symbols, traditional meaning, and general keywords for each) - one page of the…

Creative Writing 481181541438756019 - The Hero’s Journey

Encourage, Engage and Empower Your Students | Action Agendas

The Hero's Journey More

~ Persephone ~

Inked Goddess Creations- Supplying the Tools for your Magickal Life. Unique witchy products, Inked Goddess Creations Box subscription and more!

What is the seed of life. Meaning, history, symbol, patters and sacred jewelry. Encyclopedia article about the seed of life. Sacred Geometry Symbols, Sacred Geometry Tattoo, Flower Of Life Meaning, Life Flower, Flower Of Life Pattern, Logo Fleur, Seed Of Life, Crystal Grid, Flower Mandala
Flower Of Life PatternLogo FleurFlower Mandala

Sacred Geometry, The Secret Language.

Sacred geometry is very beautiful and very powerful. A quick google search will reveal an overwhelming variety of articles, blogs and websites discussing sacred geometry, from the most groovy hippi…

Mythology + Religion: Goddess Inanna also known as Ishtar Mythological Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Magick, Witchcraft, Wiccan, Norse Goddess, Ishtar Goddess, Isis Goddess, Mother Goddess
Norse GoddessIshtar GoddessIsis Goddess

Deity of the Day for March 25th is Inanna

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t h e m o i r a i were the goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man and assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things. at the birth of a man, the (Mens Beauty Editorial)

haunted house, haunted bodies

elodiyung: “ “t h e m o i r a i were the goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man and assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things. at the birth...

  Persephone Greek Mythology, Hades Und Persephone, Greece Mythology, World Mythology, Greek Gods And Goddesses, Greek And Roman Mythology, Hades Underworld, Hecate Goddess, Roman Gods
Greece MythologyWorld MythologyGreek And Roman MythologyHades UnderworldHecate Goddess

Gods and Goddesses Cheat Sheet, Grimoire Pages

Learn about some of the major ancient pantheons and their deities! This pack is full of information of some of the most commonly worshiped gods and goddesses around the world. Add these to your grimoire, book of shadows, planner, or hang them up! DISCLAIMER: In no way do you need to worship deities to practice witchcraft. This is not a comprehensive list of deities and I do not claim to be an expert in any of these religions. If you have suggestions or wish for me to include another…

Hero's Journey Definition and Step-by-Step Guide (With Checklist!) - 12 Stages of the Hero’s Journey via The Hobbit

Hero's Journey 101: Definition and Step-by-Step Guide (With Checklist!)

Learn about the Hero's Journey, the most popular story structure in history, in this master guide. Includes a definitive definition and examples.

Mandy's Reiki & Mandys World Spiritual Development,Sutton-In-Ashfield - Symbols - 13 Sacred Keys -

Arch Angel Metatron's Clearing and Protection Device

Each tool is hand made by me. Meatatron's Clearing & Protection Key is made of High Grade Specialty Clear Quartz Crystal Glass, Copper and 6 hand selected for their metaphysical properties, universal energies and specific cut semi precious gemstones. Each Tool will vary slightly in the selection of Gemstones, as I am guided to do so by Metatron. Once the tool is assembled, I then put it through a series of energy activations and imprinting. It is a lengthy process that requires a lot of…

58 Ideas tattoo ideas mandalas sacred geometry flower of life Trendy Tattoos, New Tattoos, Tatoos, Flower Of Life Tattoo, Sacred Geometry Symbols, Sacred Geometry Tattoo, Muster Tattoos, Flower Mandala, Mandala Art
Flower Of Life TattooMuster TattoosFlower MandalaMandala Art


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What Are Tarot Cards? Made up of no less than seventy-eight cards, each deck of Tarot cards are all the same. Tarot cards come in all sizes with all types of artwork on both the front and back, some even make their own Tarot cards

Digital tarot cheat sheet with tarot card meanings for tarot beginners from The Simple Tarot

Do you want to learn the tarot card meanings and do tarot readings for others? This printable tarot cheat sheet will help you as you learn to read the cards, quickly and easily. You don’t need to memorize the tarot card meanings or wait for inspiration. This Tarot Cheat Sheet will have you reading from day one! The 2-page PDF printable cheat sheet can be printed at 8.5 x 11 inches (or A4 size) and can be used with any traditional RW-based tarot deck. Each of the 78 tarot cards is included…