DIY Rustic headboard--takes a total of 3-6 hours and listed as beginner level

Re-claimed Queen-sized headboard. Love this rustic look for a guest bedroom! (This woman's site is great for DIY ideas & estimated costs!

Cama y cabezal elaborados en madera maciza de Nogal. Cajones con sistema clásico de guía.


cabecero de palets

Beautiful recycled wood headboards stand approximately 55 tall and 3 deep. The width will match that of the mattress size you order for + The

respaldo de cama en madera reciclada con patas

Respaldo De Cama En Madera Reciclada Con Patas

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respaldo pallets . cama pallets - madera reciclada - palets

Respaldo Pallets . Cama Pallets - Madera Reciclada - Palets

You may have such a lot of DIY Up-cycled Pallet Headboard ideas which you could make at home easily on your bed.