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an old book with writing on it and the words written in cursive font
the medical alphabet is shown in black and white, with an ornate border around it
15 Pruebas de que el humor es indispensable en la medicina
the japanese alphabet is shown in blue and white
Fotos De Aecleah Hares En Letras Japonesas FB4
an old english type of font with numbers and symbols on the bottom half of it
29 Idiomas Inventados (De Ciencia Ficción) Que Pudieras Usar Como Segunda Lengua (Post 1 de 3) - WOW.MX - Matando El Tiempo Profesionalmente!
the chinese alphabet is shown with different characters and letters in each letter, including one that has
chinese alphabet letters
a black poster with red and green letters on it's sides, including the words skrull translator
Marvel Facts on Twitter
an image of some type of alphabets in the sky with stars and space behind it
Try just try
some type of font and numbers on a black background with blue letters in the middle
The Lexicon of Zelda - Feature