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an outdoor table made out of wood and glass with wheels on the top is shown in two different views
Wagon wheel patio table... by Vera Malerva
there are several different types of wooden poles in the ground next to a potted plant
Boot stand. Made from 4 spare logs and fallen branches. Screwed to a square MDF base with 2 pieces of left over 1x1 to give slight elevation. Branches held in logs by 2 inch drilled holes and wood glue.
an easy diy modern kitty hammock for cats
Your Cat is Going to Lurve This Modern DIY Kitty Hammock | Hunker
This #DIY is perfect for pet parents who want to give their #cat a cozy place to lounge that matches your home's modern aesthetic. Your kitty will love you even more after this!
a black and white cat sitting in a hammock on top of a wooden stand
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Hamaca de gato cama de gato ergonómica muebles de gato | Etsy