Sofá con palés / Vía

Sofá con palés

Pull out pallet seats in the courtyard. Pull out from the walls I could also do garden beds that have castors in the yard so that I can move them into or out of the sun.

Mesa rebatible para balcones. Mesas para balcones pequeños. Zona de comedor en balcón pequeño.

Comedores en balcones. Ideas para crear una zona de comedor en el balcón.

No matter how small your apartment is, there are many solutions to make it look bigger. And whether you are hosting a birthday party, dinner party or cocktail party, having an extra table stashed away


Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, we want to be outside as much as possible. Of course, we’d give anything to hang out on one of these patios. Check out these beautiful outdoor spaces…

Ejemplo de aprovechamiento de balcón pequeño

Decoración de terrazas pequeñas

Ejemplo de aprovechamiento de balcón pequeño


The Perfect Pergola

In this post we are showcasing some beautiful pergola designs for your backyard.