Patio con pérgola de madera

Ideas para aprovechar tu patio


outdoor kitchen, only more rustic.quincho- BBQ Chilean style includes empanada oven, with pergola

Argentine Grills are designed to allow close temperature control during grilling. Argentine Grills also channel fat away from the fire to a drip pan preventing flareups which damage the flavor of meat. Argentine Grills are used with charcoal or wood.

An Argentine Exhibition Catering Grill. Another of our exhibition grills designed to be the center of attention. This two walled firebox can be insulated.

Building a smoker from oil drums

I've been working on putting a smoker together for a while now. I like the vertical smokers and the USD's, but wanted to try something a.

Grillworks Inc Wood Grills - Customer Grill Photos

Grillworks Inc Wood Grills - Customer Grill Photos

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