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A myriad of things to do with lavender - from Norfolk or your garden!

Harvesting English Lavender

How to Harvest Lavender Plants for Recipes and Crafts - Garden Therapy

How and when to harvest English lavender (lavandula angustifolia) plus how to use it in crafts, recipes, and natural beauty products.

Roasted Peach and Lavender Ice Cream

Roasted Peaches And Lavender Ice Cream With Lemon Salt Shortbread Cookies

The first days of the Summer here in the South always bring back memories of my youth spent in Provence and Les Grandes Vacances (Summer ...

Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Tutorial - Lavender

Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Silk Ribbon Embroidery, A blog started in 2009 from my love of Silk Ribbon Embroidery and to encourage beginners. Tutorials and Free Designs.

Homemade Lavender Soda

DIY: Lavender Soda - Gardenista

Lavender is a perfect plant. It's fragrant, it's beautiful, bees and hummingbirds love it, it's drought tolerant, and best of all, it's edible. Or, in this

The fields of purple at Norfolk Lavender

Norfolk Lavender - gardens, plants and products from our world famous gardens

Norfolk Lavender - Buy Lavender Plants and Lavender Products. Explore information about our Lavender collection, our idyllic Norfolk Location and our Rare Breeds centre.

Lavender and black tea cake using lavender sugar.

Recipe: Lavender and black tea cake

Lavender and black tea cake - as made by EJ This lavender and black tea cake was primarily inspired by my need to use up store cupboard ingredients - I had some lavender sugar approaching its date and didn't want it to go to waste. Personally, I love lavender, but it is definitely one of the few marmites of the cake world - and if you're a little heavy handed with the lavender sugar, you do risk entering the parma violet zone of the flavour spectrum. It is indeed a flavouring which should…

Lavender infused sugar.

Infused Sugar - A Beautiful Mess

I’ve been seeing infused sugars on Pinterest for a while now. We call them “fancy sugars”. I didn’t...

Lavender Honey Flapjacks

Honey Flapjacks with The Modern Peasant - Adventures in City Food (Book Review)

Lavender Honey Flapjacks: The Modern Peasant – Adventures in City Food – (Book Review) The Modern Peasant – Adventures in City Food by JoJo Tulloh Hardcover: 336 pages Publisher: Chatto & Windus part of Vintage Publishing (30 May 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 0701186682 ISBN-13: 978-0701186685 RRP: £16:99 Few review books that have been sent to me have...

Lavender Shortbread

Recipe: Lavender Shortbread

Lavender shortbread biscuits (retro biscuit tin from Velvet) I love the smell of lavender, it's such a beautiful vintage scent and makes me think of gardens, grandmothers and flea markets. Which is probably why I had never considered eating it, until someone lovely gave me a pot of lavender sugar on my birthday. You cannot imagine how exciting this was to me! It immediately became precious while I spent a long time pondering what to do with it. After much deliberation I decided upon lavender…

Lavender fabric by Lucy Auge

Lavender bread

Lavender bread and other recipes

Simply the sight of lavender makes me relax, so to see planters, front gardens and verges full of them at the moment is a true delight. As often as I can I'll brush against lavender plants as I walk...