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Alexander the Great Hunting a Wild Boar, Ancient Rome, century. -The State Hermitage Museum- Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient History, Rome Antique, Art Antique, Hermitage Amsterdam, Objets Antiques, Art Romain, Alexandre Le Grand

Cameo: Alexander hunting boar, Italy. 1st century AD. - Alain.R.Truong

Cameo: Alexander hunting boar, Italy, 1st century AD. Sardonyx, 2 x 2.2 cm

Gemma Augustea Century AD low-relief cameo cut from a double-layered Arabian onyx stone. Ancient Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Cameo Jewelry, Jewelry Art, Jewellery, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Ancient Aliens

Gemma Augustea | cameo

Gemma Augustea, (Latin: “Gem of Augustus”) sardonyx cameo depicting the apotheosis of Augustus. He is seated next to the goddess Roma, and both are trampling the armour of defeated enemies. It is one of the most impressive carved cameos of a series of Roman gems representing imperial persons. The

Istros Greek Coin Pendant with Diamond & Ruby ⦁ Sterling Silver Coin Pendant Authentic Ancient Greek Coin Mounted Gold Bezel Twins Coin - POSPO Investments Coin Jewelry, Coin Necklace, Jewelery, Ancient Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Coin Pendant, Silver Coins

Istros Greek Coin Pendant with Diamond & Ruby ⦁ Sterling Silver Authentic Ancient Greek Coin Mounted in 18k Gold Bezel Twins Coin

[This listing is for pendant ONLY] Istros Coin Pendant, 18k gold Bezel with ruby and diamond COIN Ancient Coin: Istros Istros, Thrace, 400 - 350 BC silver Drachm coin. Obverse: Two young male heads facing side by side one upright the other inverted. Rev.: IΣTΡIH, sea-eagle grasping a dolphin with talons, A below. Metal: Sterling silver coin and 18k yellow gold bezel. Stones: Ruby 0.015 ct (backside) and diamond 0.015 ct (front) Bezel diameter: approx. 20 mm. Total pendant's length: approx…

Eight-Pointed Star-Shaped Tile Object Name: Star-shaped tile Date: century Geography: Iran, Kashan Culture: Islamic Medium: Stonepaste; inglaze painted in blue, luster-painted on opaque white glaze Dimensions: Diam. (panel group) kg) Islamic Patterns, Tile Patterns, Art Decor, Decoration, Islamic Tiles, Arabesque Pattern, Persian Poetry, Islamic Paintings, Islamic Art

Eight-Pointed Star-Shaped Tile | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Inscription: Translation of Arabic inscription: He was staying up one night and had eaten a lot. His stomach being full, he became sleepy and tongue-tied and his limbs feeble for prayer

'Treasures under the lapilli. Furnishings, frescoes and jewels from the Insula Occidentalis' at the Pompeii Antiquarium Under Stairs Cupboard, Archaeology News, Lush Garden, Ancient Jewelry, Silver Coins, Art And Architecture, Fresco, Bronze, Jewels

Treasures under the lapilli-Décor, frescos and jewels from Insula Occidentalis - Pompeii Sites

TREASURES UNDER THE LAPILLI the Exhibition At the Antiquarium of Pompeii (11 th September 2017 – ongoing exhibition) Décor, frescos and jewels from Insula Occidentalis he joy of life, the sophisticated beauty of the Pompeian paintings, full with cultured literary references, trompe-l’oeil pictures of lush gardens, coloured mosaics and precious objects from Pompeii’s Insula Occidentalis, … keep it going

Pharmacy Jar Date: Geography: Made in Manises, Valencia, Spain Culture: Spanish Medium: Tin-glazed earthenware Dimensions: Overall: 11 x 6 in x 159 cm) click the image or link for more info. Antique Pottery, Ceramic Pottery, Pottery Art, Ceramic Art, Earthenware, Stoneware, Apothecary Jars, Ceramic Design, Metropolitan Museum

How to Enhance Your Interior Design with Pottery

For many years, pottery has played an integral role in society, with many people collecting and making their own different variety. In some cases, ancient pottery has been sold for thousands, if no…

Floor tile Production Date: Late Medieval; Medieval Houses, Medieval Art, Medieval Pattern, Painting Tile Floors, Medieval Paintings, Art Ancien, Traditional Tile, Free Museums, Antique Tiles

Free museum in London

Discover the history of London at the Museum of London, near St Paul's and Barbican. The greatest stories from the greatest city in nine galleries.

Rare, Gold Roman Coin Discovered In Jerusalem. Sept 2016 Nero, the Roman leader on the coin, ruled the empire from 54 to 68 AD, possibly lost during the Roman siege on Jerusalem in 70 AD. Rare Gold Coins, Gold And Silver Coins, Ancient Roman Coins, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Aliens, Roman Emperor, Roman Art, World Coins

Hundreds of Roman gold coins found in basement of old theater

Archaeologists are studying a valuable trove of old Roman coins found on the site of a former theater in northern Italy.

Gold Jewelry Dutch Manufacture, century, gold and enamel pendant with baroque pearl in the form of a flask. Pearl Jewelry, Jewelry Art, Gold Jewelry, Jewelery, Fine Jewelry, Jewelry Design, Fashion Jewelry, Emerald Jewelry, Jewelry Accessories

Some famous Baroque Pearls - Alain.R.Truong

Flemish manufacture. Pendant depicting Hercules, gold, enamel and pearl, Scaramazza, 16th century,via Christie"s Geneva Flemish...

Finger Ring Date: century Geography: Made in, Northern France Culture: Frankish Medium: Copper alloy, gilding, gold, glass paste cabochon Jewelry Art, Jewelry Rings, Jewelery, Jewelry Accessories, Jewelry Design, Medieval Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry, Medieval Art, Wiccan Jewelry

Finger Ring | Frankish | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Finger Ring Date: 7th century.|Northern France.

les arts de l'islam au louvre, etoiles et croix de revêtement céramique, décor de lustre métallique, iran, 665 h. Tile Patterns, Pattern Art, Textures Patterns, Art Nouveau, Islamic Tiles, Islamic Art Pattern, Arabic Art, Tile Art, Geometric Art

Les arts de l'Islam au Louvre

Etoiles et croix de revêtement Céramique, décor de lustre métallique Iran, 665 H. / 1266-1267 Prov. Damghan, imamzadech Ja'far dépôt du musée des arts décoratifs, Paris, 2006 Département des arts de l'Islam Musée du Louvre Après six années de travaux au cours desquelles les conservateurs du musée du Louvre ont inventorié les 18.000 objets des collections d'art de l'Islam, fait restaurer 1.800 objets destinés à être exposés et ont préparé la muséographie, les nouveaux espaces du département…