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Badass outdoor reptile habitat shared by Mark Prince (original source not known)… - Reptiles Tortoise House, Tortoise Habitat, Turtle Habitat, Reptile Habitat, Reptile House, Reptile Room, Reptile Cage, Lizard Habitat, Bearded Dragon Habitat

What Is The Best Food For Tortoise Health?

What do tortoises eat? Indeed, they eat vegetables and meat henceforth they are called as omnivores thus an adjusted eating routine with an equivalent blend...

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HR03 Reptile Cage 72"H x 96"L x 48"D H3

Give your pet room to stretch! One of our most popular large reptile cages, our 72"H x 96"L x 48"D H3 has plenty of room for even the largest lizard or snake to feel at home. A great Lizard cage, Iguana cage, Snake cage or Boa cage, this enormous reptile enclosure can even be divided with our optional Pull out divider system, allowing you to house multiple animals within one reptile cage. Like any of our custom reptile cages, a hood for lighting or stand for storage can be added and easily…

Heated PVC pipes and polypropylene rope, to be covered with compaktuna(/flevopol)-and peat-mixture, and finished with sealant and peat Reptile Habitat, Reptile House, Reptile Room, Reptile Cage, Vivarium, Aquariums, Snake Enclosure, Chameleon Enclosure, Decor Terrarium

Pics my new constructed vivarium

I used the pu foam so I could hide the false bottom and made the transition from bottom to water more natural. If you have another way of hiding the false...

This frog and toad poster is the perfect introduction to the study of amphibians. Les Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Mammals, Frog Species, Frog Art, Cute Frogs, Animal Posters, Frog And Toad, Tortoises

Frogs and Toads Poster - Amphibian Poster

The Anura (meaning "tailless") clade contains all of the frogs and toads. There are over 4,800 recorded species, which represents 88% of all amphibian species. The distinction between frogs and toads is based on common cultural, rather than specific physical differences. In common usages, the term "frog" usually refers to species that are aquatic or semi-aquatic and have smooth, moist skins and the term "toad" generally refers to species that are terrestrial with dry, warty skins, but there…