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Gah, Holmes and Watson are always so cute!

I would pay good money to see Sherlock teaching John how to dance.<<< I love how both the tv show and movie admit that Sherlock taught John to dance.

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As much as I love Sherlock, I don't think he was being "kind" in this moment. It was more cruel Sherlock, honestly :P But I can see the argument for kind Sherlock too :)

I really thought this was gonna be sad so I didn't want to pin it but then I read it and it was awesome.

Is Rory secretly a Winchester? Taken and raised in England because some sort of race knew that Rory and Amy needed to meet so River Song could be born? It would explain why he came back!

I am in all of these fandoms ahahaha help me

Fandom Support Group ^^ This sounds accurate.We'll bring pie xD love it. <---- The SuperWhoLock fandom is the most amazing thing to ever happen!


Aww yes. I love the fact that Molly protects Sherlock and for her is his friend. Sherlock trust her and she is at his side, even when Sherlock says bad things. I DON'T ship Sherlolly but i love their friendship.