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Stamp: Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) (Sudan) (Issues of Sudan) Mi:SD 124 Shoebill Stork, Blue Boat, Big Bird, African Animals, Mail Art, Bird Art, Bird Feathers, Postage Stamps, Pet Birds

Philip Stead Illustration | A Home for Bird, Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat, Creamed Tuna Fish and Peas on Toast, A Sick Day for Amos McGee, Bear Has a Story to Tell

【新商品】はしびろこうマフラータオル 人気のハシビロコウが長さ110センチのマフラータオルに\(●^^●)/動かない鳥のイメージがあるハシビロコウもこーんなに羽を広げることがあるんですよ!(税込¥865) Shoebill Stork, Harpy Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Honey Badger, Aquatic Plants, Cockatiel, Snow Leopard, Birds, Graphics

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“【新商品】はしびろこうマフラータオル 人気のハシビロコウが長さ110センチのマフラータオルに\(●^^●)/動かない鳥のイメージがあるハシビロコウもこーんなに羽を広げることがあるんですよ!(税込¥865)”

  Shoebill Stork, Wild Birds, Beautiful Birds, Weird, Wings, African, Entertaining, Twitter, Amazing

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Shoebill Shoebill Bird, Aquatic Plants, Beautiful Birds, Badass, African, Animals, Grey, Water Plants, Gray

国内最高齢のハシビロコウ 不動のアイドル 何を見つめる


ハシビロコウ Weird Birds, All Birds, Birds Of Prey, Shoebill Bird, Flightless Bird, Big Bird, Bird Pictures, African Animals, Bird Watching

ハシビロコウ画像bot (@hashibiroko_bot)

The latest Tweets from ハシビロコウ画像bot (@hashibiroko_bot). およそ3時間ごとにハシビロコウが現れます。夜は寝ます。 写真はすべて素人の管理人が撮ったものなので低クオリティです。 ☆ハシビロコウ写真いつでも大募集中☆. 湿地

Shoebill Stork, East Africa love this face Baby Animals, Cute Animals, Wild Animals, Funny Animals, Shoebill Bird, Scary Birds, Singapore Zoo, Ostriches, Bird Pictures

Shoebill Stork, East Africa

Balaeniceps rex. Singapore Zoo. Native to Sudan, Africa. See more images at

I am proud to be a Shoebill. My huge bill is awesome. My outstanding special feature makes me feel so good. I am happy to be "ME". I don't really care what you think or say about me! Pretty Birds, Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful, Wild Animals Pictures, Bird Pictures, Kinds Of Birds, All Birds, Exotic Birds, Colorful Birds

Portrait of a shoebill

This is a quite curious bird, with this special bill, but also nice if you ask me. Taken at the zoo of Frankfurt.