Travel illustrations by Migy - Buenos Aires Map

Travel illustrations by Migy

OVERVIEW: Migy: Buenos Aires Map for the National Geographic. If you compare this map to the night view of Buenos Aires from satellite (in another pin) you can see the main avenues are exactly like this.


Must see in Buenos Aires. Travel to Buenos Aires. Sonhando, planejando as férias.

Buenos Aires

Awesome Places That Worth To Be Seen (Every city in the world should have streets like this – Porto Alegre, Brazil)"

Palacio de las Aguas. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is one of my favorite buildings in Buenos Aires. Imagine my delight when I found out, that one of my mother's uncles was one of the architects.

Iglesia Verde, Buenos Aires

Olivos is an Argentine city in Vicente López Partido in the Province of Buenos Aires and a suburb within the Greater Buenos Aires metro area.

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Estampa para Siete Colores Ilustration fabric for the brand Siete Colores


Evita Peron was one of the most influential personalities in the history of Argentina. The wife of president Juan Peron, Evita was adored by the people.

Argentina's Eva Peron (AKA Evita)

Evita Peron -First Lady of Argentina -Full name Maria Eva Duarte de Peron


Pope Francis from Argentina is the and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.