Christmas Eggnog Cookies.

Christmas Eggnog cookies~ easy and quick. Refrigerate the leftovers (because of the eggnog in the cookie and icing) and throw them in the oven on like 200 degrees for 10 minutes to warm up when we were ready to eat them again. They softened right up!

Plum Sorbet and red wine

Offer friends some refreshing plum sorbet & red wine pops.who does love a wine pop!

Berries sorbet

Great idea to freeze popsicle in ice-cube tray. Can easily break it into smaller squares for a lower calorie sweet treat.

Mango sorbet

Mango Sorbet

This is good if you like Sorbet-- GIVE me some Ice-cream!--I love MANGO!--mango sorbet - just three ingredients!

Homemade Berry Sorbet -- perfect for summer!

Berry Sorbet

Homemade Berry Sorbet -- perfect for summer! 2 ingredients - berries and honey! (Recipe calls for simple syrup.but use honey).

Pure Peach Sorbet

Pure Peach Sorbet * 4 large, very ripe peaches fresh lemon teaspoons sweetener, honey or blue agave

Cherry sorbet

Cherry Sorbet Ingredients: 2 lbs cherries 1 cup water cup sugar or agave 1 tsp fresh lemon juice

"Facturas": "Tortitas negras" (little cakes with top of black sugar). Argentina.

"Facturas": "Tortitas negras" (little cakes with top of black sugar).

Facturas Argentinas by Marcelo Monser, via Flickr

Honest Cooking: Comfort Food Around the Globe Argentina: Facturas Read Recipe by zuccaruns