Oriana Hugo

Oriana Hugo

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Oriana Hugo
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jeans azules

Pair an oversized top with skinny jeans for a comfortable and chic look. Stylist Kate Brien wears her oversized striped pullover with high-rise resolution jeans in a vintage blue wash. Browse all styles and washes of new Resolution Denim.

rosa y camisa blanca NUNCA FALLAN! mas consejos en: MODA2015

Pastel pink sweater with the white collared shirt underneath. I love this combination as it is relevant in the transformation of the jumper representing winter, to the pale pink colour representing spring.

reminds me of my everyday life where i'm athletic and my also athletic boyfriend and i are in a field looking cute and athletic and then i'm actually able to balance on a soccer ball and kiss him, while someone is there taking a picture.

if i played soccer. and had a boyfriend. who played soccer. :) the only reason id date a soccer player.was if he was taller then me and i could stand on the soccer ball and we'd be the same height.