Large Floor Cushions

Collection by Fabniki


Big China Duck filled cushions to provide extra seating when those surprise visitors turn up to your Barbecue, or for providing extra Snugglage when enjoying watching TV.

Red Linen Floor Cushion, lovely thick linen with heavy cream roped corded edges great to chuck on the patio for extra seating. Made as a size of 24 inches square Large Floor Cushions, Red Cushions, Extra Seating, Patio, Throw Pillows, Flooring, Cream, Fabric, Red Pillows

Linen Floor Cushion from Fabniki

I love floor cushions. There's something wonderfully decadent about flopping back in front of the telly with a glass of something chilled and some dark chocolate Brazils. I found this fabric in Nottingham and the color just jumped...

At Sea chunky Linen floor cushion with thick cream rope corded edges. This cushion is made as a size of 22 inches square. Great to lounge around on, on patios or in front of the TV only Large Floor Cushions, Blue Cushions, Linen Fabric, Lounge, Throw Pillows, Flooring, Sea, Courtyards, Airport Lounge

At Sea from Fabniki

I really like the way this cushion has worked out as I wanted to make a cushion that can be added to several different setting to give a feeling of texture. It is made in a thick deep blue brushed linen fabric with the back of the cushion...

Duck Egg Linen floor cushion with corded edges. Made as a size of 22 inches square Large Floor Cushions, Linen Fabric, Egg, Flooring, Eggs, Flax Weaving, Wood Flooring, Floor, Egg As Food

Duck Egg from Fabniki

This cushion has such a delicate color it is difficult to get the true feel from the picture. It is a heavy linen fabric and works with many different colors such as navy blue, black, cream, burnt orange or brown to name a few. It is made with...

Wind in the Willows Floor cushion, made as a size of 22 inches square Large Floor Cushions, Retro Fabric, Tweed Fabric, Extra Seating, Flower Shape, Fabrics, Flooring, Pattern, Tejidos

Wind in the Willows from Fabniki

Lovely textured fabric with a terracotta background and gold and green flower shapes in a symmetrical pattern, reminding me of the Wind in the Willows. I have backed the cushion with a green and beige tweed fabric and chosen a rich...

 Thick textured velvet as a floor cushion. Made as a size of 24 inches square Large Floor Cushions, Brown Cushions, Retro Fabric, Red Design, Extra Seating, Three Dimensional, Wild Flowers, Retro Fashion, Fabrics

Royal Wild Flower from Fabniki

This is a really stunning vibrant textured velvet fabric with a heavy three dimensional feel to it. It has a brown background with a deep rich red design embossed on to it giving a real impact. The fabric is hard wearing and...

 A heavy floor cushion to snuggle up on. Made as a size of 24 inches square Large Floor Cushions, Red Cushions, Large Sofa, Extra Seating, Tudor, Brick, Throw Pillows, Flooring, Red Pillows

Tudor Brick from Fabniki

I love the feel of this fabric, it is so tactile that you will want to snuggle up with it, so I have made the cushion as size 24 inches (61 cms) square allowing it to be used as either a floor cushion or be placed on a large sofa. The...

Slate Floor Cushion , great to snuggle up on this 24 inches square cushion Large Floor Cushions, Slate Flooring, Extra Seating, Shades Of Grey, Style, Swag, Stylus, Outfits

Slate from Fabniki

A heavy textured thick linen floor cushion that would look great in either a playroom or to snuggle on beside the fire or relax on a patio. I have kept this cushion to just the one colour, using the same fabric for the back and the piping...

Thunder Floor Cushion great to snuggle up on whilst reading a book or watching a film. Made from Ian Mankin fabric as a size of 24 inches square Large Floor Cushions, Large Sofa, Shades Of Grey, Thunder, Throw Pillows, Flooring, Film, Reading, Book

Thunder from Fabniki

Comfy to sit on whilst reading my book on the floor, this 24 inches ( 61 cms) square cushion is also ideal for enhancing any large sofa. I chose this heavy textured linen from Ian Mankin in a thunder blue,...

Tahiti floor cushion made as a size of 22 inches square. Perfect for snuggling up on, only Large Floor Cushions, Blue Cushions, Retro Fabric, Turquoise Color, Tahiti, Retro Fashion, Fabrics, Throw Pillows, Flooring

Tahiti from Fabniki

I love the vibrancy of this cushion, it reminds me of the colors you see when on holiday in the South Pacific Islands. The main fabric is a brushed Linen in a rich turquoise color with a heavy burnt orange, thick cord for the edging....

Sunshine Floor Cushion made as a size of 24 inches square, from thick corded fabric and the edges are piped with deep Fabniki purple, Large Floor Cushions, Yellow Cushions, Extra Seating, Sunshine, Deep, Throw Pillows, Flooring, Purple, Fabric

Sunshine from Fabniki

I love the rich, bright, sunshine yellow of this thick corded cotton fabric. I can picture this cushion in playrooms and conservatories to help create a bright cheerful atmosphere. The fabric is a heavy corded cotton and I have added...

Chocolate Button Cushion made from thick wool, good enough to eat but calorie free. Made as a size of 24 inches square Also available as Mini Chocolate Button as a size of inches Big Chocolate, Chocolate Buttons, Large Floor Cushions, Brown Cushions, Good Enough To Eat, Wool, Mini, Fabric, Free

Chocolate Button from Fabniki

I love the way this fabric has turned into a cushion. I feel that I want to pick the spots off and eat them as they look just like big chocolate buttons, ranging from white chocolate through to heavy dark chocolate......Calorie free of...

French Lavender Floor cushion made from thick faux Suede in a size of 24 inches square Large Floor Cushions, Purple Cushions, French Lavender, Bed Pillows, Fragrance, Flooring, Purple Throw Pillows, Pillows, Wood Flooring

French Lavender from Fabniki

This cushion has a textured feel to it and makes me think of being in France surrounded by the wonderful fragrance of the exotic lavender fields. It is rather difficult to capture the lovely delicate shade of lavender of the rich faux...