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Mildred Hubble

Mildred "Millie" Hubble is a witch, and a student of Cackle's Academy. She is a good-hearted, but bungling young witch-in-training, who never seems to get anything right. She is friends with Maud Spellbody and Enid Nightshade and has a strong rivalry with Ethel Hallow and Drusilla Paddock. It is Miss Hardbroom who calls Mildred ‘"The Worst Witch". 1 Story 1.1 Books 1.2 1986 Film 1.3 1998 TV Series 1.4 Weirdsister College 1.5 The New Worst Witch 1.6 2017 TV Series 1.7 Later Life 2 Physical…

i love one (1) lesbian witch

all-we-must-be: ““Ah, Miss Drill. I don’t want to hear any talk about work today. The girls are right. We all need to take time to smell the roses. ” ”

i love one (1) lesbian witch

sorceryandchips: ““The Worst Witch (2017) Series 2, Episode 10: A New Dawn” ”

The Worst Witch

I have spent most of 2016 working on a new adaptation of Jill Murphy's book