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Best Chair Mat For Heavy Person (up to - Design Big

The Best Chair Mat for Large and Heavy People

If you're tired of plastic chair mats yellowing and cracking up your office chair, get yourself the mat that will hold 1,000+ pounds for YEARS! Just be sure to

The 5 best recliners for big guys, heavy guys, and even obese guys. We found the best heavy duty recliners and lift chairs that support up to

Best Heavy Duty Recliners for Big Guys and Heavy Gals

As a big and heavy guy I wear out even heavy-duty recliners. They end up with an afghan over top to cover the holes within a couple of months. Not so with these

Best Dining Room Chairs for Heavy People (up to lbs)

300lb+ Dining Room Chairs - Buying Guide and Reviews

Having family dinner is one of the best things you can do for your kids. Studies show that kids who eat family dinner do better in school, are more emotionally regulated, and have fewer behaviorial issues! But what if you or someone in your house is large and heavy? Well, there are better options than the couch. We found the best dining room chairs for heavy people to get your family back at the table together. Check them out! #plussizediningchairs #300lbweightcapacity…

Best Insoles for Overweight Big Guys and Plus-Size Women

Best Insoles for Overweight Big Guys and Plus-Size Women

If you need the best treatment for sore feet, get yourself a pair of insoles! Treating sore feet might make your feet feel better temporarily but it is simply treating the symptoms. An uncorrected walking imbalance or the need for more support/padding that usual will give you sore feet daily. Big guys and gals are especially in need of insoles because of the additional strain on their feet, ankles, and other joints. Well we found the absolute best options for great prices, check them…

Building self-love in our negative world is no easy task. That's why we're bringing you 5 proven self love exercises and techniques to boost your mind and mood

5 Self Love Exercises and Techniques to Accept Yourself and Become Body Positive

Find your true self is difficult. Truly loving yourself might be even harder. Rather than hiding pieces of yourself, take the more difficult path of self discovery and learn all about yourself. Only once you truly know yourself can appreciation and genuine love grow. These 5 techniques are easy to understand and apply in your every day life. Try them and watch your self love and understanding blossom. #selflove #bodypostivity #selflovetechniques #selfloveexercises #selfconfidence…

Finding body positive books is a struggle for every woman. Well, if you are looking for fat people biographies or books with fat heroines we have you covered!

The Best Body Positive Books for Overweight Women

When you're plus size, finding role models can be hard. If you are into reading, you're probably well aware of this since books with fat heroines or even regular body postive plus size books are in short supply. Well, worry not. We're book wormy enough that we were able to round up 9 books that will have you feeling like that amazing women you are, no matter your size! Check them out! #bodypositvitiy #lifechangingbooks #plussize

6 Best Dress Shoes for Fat Guys - DesignBigger Ugly Dresses, Nice Dresses, Best Dress Shoes, Fall Shorts, Plus Size Men, Big Guys, Fashion Games, Men Looks, Best Brand

6 Best Dress Shoes For Big Guys

Being big and heavy usually makes it hard to find shoes that are comfortable and last very long. Well, the days of having your shoes pinch your feet until they fall apart (usually after about 3 months) are over! I researched, tried, and tested 6 of the absolute best dress for fat guys that you can find! Spoiler: #6 is the one that I have been wearing for the PAST 5 YEARS! So if you are a plus size man looking to up your fashion game, this is where you should start! #plussizemensfashion