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Helmut Newton, Jude Law, 2001

Jude LAW (b. [] Active since 1988 > Born David Jude Heyworth Law 29 Dec 1972 London, England > Other: Producer, Director > Spouse: Sadie Frost div); Children: Photo: AnOther Magazine Shot by Helmut Newton

Uso de la frecuencia de Fibonacci - Using the Fibonacci frequency - Golden section - Seccion aurea #The golden #golden number - #extreme and average ratio - #1 golden ratio - #golden ratio - #golden mean - #golden ratio and divine proportion - #El número áureo o de oro - #razón extrema y media - #1 razón áurea - #razón dorada - #media áurea - #proporción áurea - #divina proporción

Buy Divine Proportions by Godmachine on GraphicRiver. Create visually-appealing designs using the six sacred geometries—applicable to a variety of creative disciplines.

Sacred geometry – Fibonacci Principle and Proportions

The elegance of Fibonacci geometry that I loved and used for the cover of my book Collective Manifestation (Chocolate Art Love)