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Homestuck fans <--- This is so pretty omigogs ;^;

Homestuck fans <--- This is so pretty omigogs ;====> I hope that one day of the year everyone wears their Homestuck merch no matter where they go even if they have to go to school like I do

-Hetalia -Homestuck

Cute hetastuck <-- okay, why is shipping fandoms weird to me when I'm already shipping counties?<< If your part of hetalia then shipping fandoms shouldn't weird you out

humanstuck lol

Monsterstuck I laughed to hard at this and oh my gosh I just watched this movie last night. -- monster university and homestuck?

wait so in fnaf 2 someone (forget there name) got fired on night 7 or 8 so is that how mangle why mangle is broken?it could of been before night 1 to 5 are played

In FNaF 2 bite of 87 happened on night 6 causing Jeremy to get replaced on the night (forgot the guys name) and that caused the owners to believe the Foxy animatronics were to dangerous thats y in FNaF 1 foxy is out of order