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Warlock 5e, Warlock Class, Dnd World Map, Rpg World, Dungeons And Dragons Classes, Dungeons And Dragons Homebrew, Dnd Character Sheet, Legendary Dragons, Dnd Classes
Legendary Warlock | The Third (Sorta 4th) Legendary Class! Base Features for levels 1-30, infinite leveling beyond 30, and tons of customizability added to the base class! | Become a true harbinger of eldritch power! | Subclasses in the full PDF in the comments!
Dungeons And Dragons Books, Dungeons And Dragons Adventures, Dnd Feats, Ranger Dnd, Dnd Dragonborn, Superhero Art Projects, Blood Hunter
Order of the Vampire V1.5 + Bonus Griffon Drakewarden Reskin.
Dungeons And Dragons Rules, Fantasy Weapons, Fantasy Rpg, Combat Idea, Dnd Druid, Dnd Races
Druid Circle of Ruin: A No-Reference-Needed Circle of Moon Variant
Dungeons And Dragons Characters, Dnd Characters, Warlock Dnd, Character Names, Character Art, Dnd Stats
Warlock - Pact of the Deck
Tony Koster
Tony Koster
Dnd Dragons, Fantasy Characters, Wizard 5e, Dungeon Master's Guide
School of Demonology (1.2) - A wizard subclass
Dungeons And Dragons Races, Dnd Backgrounds, Home Brewery
Otherworldly Patron – The Grimoire – Version 2. A sentient tome of arcane knowledge which provides its user with immense knowledge and power. Feedback appreciated.
Jynx's Fabulous Phantasmagoria
Jynx's Fabulous Phantasmagoria
Dnd Stories
A Veritable Hoard of Homebrew — The Chronomancer was the first homebrew class I...
Character Creation, Character Ideas, Dnd Paladin
Paladin: Oath of the Umbra: Swear allegiance to a secretive order and go undercover as a double agent, tasked with undermining the plans of an evil deity or patron from within the ranks of their followers. (Feedback and Critique Requested)
Rogue Archetypes, Gerardo Gonzalez
Fighter Archetype: Arms Master — "Why don't you use those fancy weapon proficiencies of yours?"
Paladin, Ascii Art, Dnd 5e Homebrew, Dnd Monsters
The Elder Dragon - A warlock subclass
Necromancer, Dnd Languages
#warlock | Untitled
Warlock Dnd 5e, Monk Dnd
Swain-based Pact for Warlock