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I Promise
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Frisk and Chara - gif

For the lack of a better title Anyway,I've been meaning to make a gif and make something like this. Undertale is awesome (and depressing) and I have not. You're filled with DETERMINATION (Animated Gif)

Imagine a sequel game where you are playing as a person playing Undertale only for Chara to break out of the computer and then the sequel involves you having to escape Chara and stop them from wreaking havoc on the real (in game) world That'd be so crazy

_______ Character (c) Toby Fox Artwork (c) Bootiwar Do not copy or retrace / do not republish / do not use without my consent / credi. sINce whEn WEre yOU thE ONe iN CONTroL ?

undertale genocide fanart - Google Search

Chara reminds me of Chihiro from Spirited Away ( Toby Fox probably used her as a inspiration or something )

Sans....you remember how many times I've killed you...you killed me more...so....revenge it is

"Here we are again, just me and you comedian, right? With your blasters, your flashing eye. You should better be prepared, because soon. your last hour strikes"