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HOW DOES HYDROPONICS WORK? Deep Water Culture (DWC) + Plant roots are suspended in nutrient solution, Asraton stones oxygenate the solution to prevent the roots from drowning, Acrabon stono Ebb & Flow (Flood & Drain) A water pump on a timer periodically foods the plants with water from the nutrient selution The water slowly drains back ato the nutient soluton Nutriet sotution Aeroponics Awater pump draws water out of a nutrient solution and sprays mist directiy 'onto the roots of the plants, Aquaponics ata purp Nutrients in the fish waste is converted from ammonia to nitrogen and provides Plants are grown in an inert growth medium tood for the plants, The plants fter the water to keep the fish heaitny. Bubbleponics (Top-Fed DWC) Plant roots are suspended in nutrient solution Agraton stones oxygenate the solution to prevent the rocts from drowning, Awater pump supplies water divectly the roots via the top-teed Nuteect selution Wiater parg Drip System Awater pump draws water from nutrient solution and drips it continously 'onto the plants. The retumns the water to the nutient sclution (or iscards tin some systems) Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Piants are secured on shallow ramp and water Is pumped onto the ramp from a nutrient sotution. The water flows down the ramp and back into the nutrient soluton via a drain, continuously bathing the roots In the nutrient rich water Hand Watered Hydroponics Plants are grown in an inert growth medium. Nutrients are adced to the water supply and plants are hand watered, et ae - iFunny
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