Free Hand Embroidery Patterns

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Scroll Design

Simplified, I like this for a linen veil or linen napkins: Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Repeatable Scroll Design from Therese Dillmont

hungarian embroidery

I was lucky to have grown up with a tradition of needlework in my family. My mother sews beautifully (she made my wedding dress!

Lovely hungarian embroidery

The Embroiderers' Guild has challenged all Branches to make a series of postcards to celebrate 'the' sporting event in August Our coun.

materialistic: Free vintage embroidery patterns : Hungarian panels

Hungarian panels from Embroidery – 60 New Designs compiled by Margaret Beautement (Marshall Cavendish Ltd, .

Hungarian embroidery

The folk art of the Roman Catholic Matyo community in and around the town of Mezokovesd in north-eastern Hungary