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a woman sitting on top of a chair with balloons in the shape of two letters
a woman sitting on the ground with some balloons
a woman sitting on a stool holding a cake with candles in her hand and wearing white
a woman sitting on the floor with confetti in her hand and holding a wine glass
a woman holding two cupcakes with candles in her hands while standing next to balloons
ANIVERSÁRIO - Thainá Cunha Fotografia
a woman wearing gold bracelets and a black jacket is posing for the camera with her hand on her chin
ANINE BING on Instagram: "This is 40. Today, I enter a new chapter in my life. I have heard from many of my friends that their 40s is when they truly found themselves, loved themselves, and accepted themselves. Already, I can relate. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I love myself and I am enough. It feels good to enter my 40th year and I can't wait to dig deeper to get to know myself even better. Life is a beautiful journey and I feel truly grateful. 🙏🏼❤️🎂"
the number 30 is spelled out on the road
a woman standing in front of a sign with the number 40 on it
a woman in a black bodysuit and red balloons with the number six on it
Happy birthday