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Wow, aren't the pearls lovely? They say of all Brides choose a white and green color palette--and this bouquet has just 3 types of flowers in it. Hydrangea frame the base of the bouquet and act like a pillow for the roses and stephanotis to sit on!

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Planning a wedding is definitely not an easy task. It is certainly possible for one person to completely plan a wedding all by themselves but it is definitely not easy. There are so many small details that go into planning a wedding that it can be.

Use snapshots of your guests to assign seating - GENIUS!

Use snapshots of your guests to assign seating

Kat and Earl injected their table assignments a little more personalization by using snapshots of their guests. While this might not work for large weddings, your small to medium-sized wedding coul…

Laser-cut wood invitations with removable rings by Melbourne Laser Cutter

Laser-Cut Wood Invitations Stir up excitement for your spring wedding with these laser-cut wood invitations – guests will love the removable rings! Image via Weddings Illustrated . Buy them at Melbourne Laser Cutter .

bridal shower invitation

This CUSTOM PRINTABLE (DIY) invitation is perfect for your upcoming Baby Shower! The party materials can be printed at